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If you are searching for a reliable (show) control network solution,
the Kiss-Box line of data communication products is the answer.
Why should one bother to connect different appliances each on its
own infrastucture, when there is an easy solution?kissbox

Connect it all to one structure: the network.

The Kiss-Box makes this possible by providing an interface to the network for most appliances.

    • Most of the time, no need for extra infrastructure (Ethernet is omnipresent)
    • No distance limits
    • Easy installation/configuration
    • Easy maintenance
    • And, of course : cost effective!

          And there is more:

    • No need for a separate power cable because Kiss-Box uses Power Over Ethernet
    Kiss-Box delivers unique flexibility for Ethernet installations and makes data network management un-fussy.
    Kiss-Box MIDI products are based on the RTP-MIDI open standard (natively integrated in Mac OS-X and iOS), supporting multiple sessions (with intrinsic merging capabilities). These products also support "Bonjour" service, for Plug&Play operation
    Kiss-Box MIDI products support Bonjour protocol, offering Plug&Play capabilities
    • All new Kiss-Box products are "MMA HD" ready and support this new powerful protocol
    Kiss-Box provides the flexibility to use MIDI, DMX, Serial, Inputs/Outputs (Analog, Digital ...), Time Code and any other kind of signal you can dream of over a single Ethernet network. The high speed embedded processor, associated with a specific real-time operating system makes the Kiss-Box an extremely fast and reactive control unit.
    • A typical Kiss-Box based control system consists of 1 or more Kiss-Boxes, a network and a Computer running control
      software. However, most of the units can also be used in a "Peer-to-Peer" setup, to pipeline data across a network.
    • Control software can be any type of existing third party IP based software.
    • A Kiss-Box can be configured to work with standard IP based protocols (e.g ArtNet, ETC Net, RTP) or,
      third party software can implement the Kiss-protocol to communicate with the Kiss-Box
    • The free Kiss-Box Editor software provides additional programming functions as well as monitoring information.