RTP-MIDI Firmware for IO3CC and IO8CC – Bootloader V3.x

Current version – 2.0

With this firmware, the IO3CC and IO8CC can be used in a MIDI environment. This allows for full control of all the complete range of Input and Output cards trough MIDI soft and hardware devices like musical keyboards and sequencers.

More information on the RTP-MIDI protocol standard is available on Wikipedia

KissBox CPU versions are related to their boot-loader version and marked accordingly on the serial number label. A boot-loader version being V3.x for example indicates a V3 type CPU. When uploading firmware to a KissBox the Editor firmware wizard will also inform you of the Boot-loader/CPU version of the connected KissBox.

It is important to check that you load the right firmware in the right box. The IO3CC and IO8CC should only be loaded with Firmware specifically meant for them. Using a wrong firmware file will lead to erratic behavior.

Accidentally loading an incorrect type of firmware will not physically damage the KissBox, it will however stop functioning. If this has happened, it can be solved in most cases by re-loading the correct firmware.


The new V3.2 bootloader hardware is not compatible with older bootloader V3.0 firmwares. The installation of the wrong firmwares on V3.2 hardware will “brick” the unit. It will have to be returned to the factory for repair.