Windows RTP-MIDI driver

This RTP-MIDI driver is needed on Windows platforms in order to make RTP-MIDI devices like the KissBox or other computers appear as standard MIDI interfaces in your MIDI applications. The driver works for all versions of Windows, from Win-XP to Win-10, both for 32 bits and 64 bits versions.

Note that the KissBox version of the driver is free, even for commercial applications, but it is restricted to the use with KissBox RTP-MIDI products. To install the driver please start the installer and follow the instructions. Any warnings regarding the installation of a non-signed driver can be safely ignored, just click on the “Continue” button if the warning appears.

In order to use the “Bonjour Plug&Play” support for Windows you need to install the Bonjour client on your computer.

TheApple Bonjour package can be downloaded here

More information on the RTP-MIDI protocol standard is available on Wikipedia