Control Engine for Analog Synthesizers

The CVToolbox is a powerful analog synthesizer control engine, intended to provide complex control signals to analog synthesizers. It replaces 24 Low Frequency Oscillators, 16 ADBSSR envelope generators and 24 modulation matrices (pre-configured for VCO, VCF and VCA control).

The CVToolbox allows musicians to use their favorite analog processing modules, while taking in charge all control related tasks. It turns any analog instrument into a fully programmable device (even vintage modular synthesizers)

The CVToolbox is designed to run as a standalone device. It generates all control signals directly on board, and can be directly controlled from a MIDI keyboard or a MIDI sequencer.

The CVToolbox has also been designed with Max/MSP users in mind. It can be controlled like any other MIDI device from a Max patch over the RTP-MIDI interface, but it is also able to be controlled directly from MSP signals. You can put control objects (e.g ~adsr) in your patch, and the CVToolbox will provide the CV signals computed in the patch directly on its outputs, in real time.

  • Standalone HD control engine (no external computer required to generate control signals) with integral 32 bits signal paths
  • Replaces 24 LFO, 16 ADBSSR and 24 modulation matrices
  • Eight outputs, each of them configurable as CV (0 to 10V) or gate (0 / +5V)
  • 14 modes available for each output (VCO Control, VCF Control, VCA Control, LFO1/2/3, EG1/2, Note Gate, Resonance Control, Direct 16 bits CV, MIDI Control Change, Sequencer Clock, Sequencer Gate)
  • Polyphony up to 8 voices
  • Transforms any analog synthesizer (modular or desktop) into a fully programmable machine (32 programs stored in the CVToolbox)
  • True 16 bits resolution (even under MIDI mode), without sample/hold circuitry for maximum control signal purity
  • Direct integration in most Digital Audio Workstation by free VST editor/librarian
  • Standalone application
  • Remote edition over WiFi by iPad (using TouchOSC or MIDIDesigner for example)
  • Max/MSP object for easy integration in Max/MSP environment
  • Translate control signals from Max/MSP patch into control voltages in real-time
  • “HD ready” : fully compatible with the new MMA HD protocol by simple firmware upgrade