Dual Serial Transceiver

The KissBox RS2TR serial transceiver allows for peer to peer transmission of RS 232/422/485 signals over standard IP-Ethernet networks without the need for a controlling device. The data can be send as TCP or UDP packages. Usage as Serial Port extension for any type of OS is also possible with our simple to implement IP protocol. Supporting IP-direct data handling, the box can be addressed directly via an IP connection from any IP capable software. Both ports of the RS2TR are fully independent and can be configured individually.

  • Sends and receives Serial data over Ethernet.
  • High performance serial port handling with 1024 bytes FIFOs
  • RS-232, RS-422 & RS-485 ( selectable per port )
  • Baud rate, Start & Stop bit, # data bits & parity programmable per port
  • Peer-to-Peer Serial data transmission
  • Operating power over the network cable.– IEEE 802-3af
  • Platform Independent