The KissBox RTP-MIDI OEM board is an OEM adapted version of the CPU board being used in our RTP-MIDI and LTC/MIDI products. It is designed for easy integration in any hardware system (synthesizer, mixing desk, etc…). The expansion connector offers FPGA interfacing capabilities, and can be programmed for many different protocols (serial, high-speed SPI, etc..).

The board can run RTP-MIDI firmware written by Kiss-Box (we can integrate our code in your application), or you can write your own RTP-MIDI application, using the SDK/development chain available from Kiss-Box.


As the RTP-MIDI OEM board is not an “Off The Shelf” product, please contact us for more information regarding availability and options.


  • Full-Duplex MIDI communication over RTP-MIDI open protocol
  • Up to 8 RTP-MIDI sessions in parallel
  • Full Plug&Play operation under “Bonjour”
  • SDK and free development chain available (under NDA)
  • No driver required on Mac, free driver available for Windows
  • FPGA interfacing capabilities (8 freely programmable I/O lines)
  • Standard firmware available with one and two RTP-MIDI endpoint (two native serial ports for host interfacing)
  • Optimized for interfacing with SHARC DSP family
  • 400MHz 32 bits processor, 512KB Flash, 128KB RAM
  • RTP-MIDI sync accuracy : 0.1 millisecond
  • Mounting with M3 brackets or mounting holes
  • 5//50mA power supply (can be provided by the PoE option or the RTP-X daughter board)
  • Ready for the new MMA “HD” protocol