Daughterboard for RTP-MIDI OEM

The RTP-X daughterboard is an expansion module specifically designed for the RTP-MIDI OEM module from Kiss-Box.
It has been designed to simplify direct installation of the RTP-MIDI OEM module into any existing MIDI product (synthesizer, mixing desk, MIDI Show Control device, etc…)
It offers a direct MIDI 1.0 connectivity, and is designed to be interfaced with the existing MIDI circuitry in the host machine. The device equipped with the RTP-OEM + RTP-X appears as a standard RTP-MIDI endpoint and can be accessed by any other RTP-MIDI device in the network (including Mac and Windows computers). The RTP-X performs all required merging functions between the RTP-MIDI data and the MIDI data coming from the original MIDI circuitry of the host

Warning: installing RTP-X in MIDI devices other than CME VX and UF keyboards requires soldering of wired connections between the host machine and the RTP-X

As the RTP-X MIDI OEM board is not an “Off The Shelf” product, please contact us for more information regarding availability and options.

  • RTP-MIDI / HD interface network module
  • Single power supply : 5V / 200mA
  • Supports up to 16 RTP-MIDI sessions in parallel
  • Various firmwares available to cover most needs
  • Can be connected to UART or MIDI current loop in host (serial port emulation)
  • Breaks the MIDI 1.0 speed limit when used under SPI mode
  • Can be used as SPI Master or SPI Slave
  • Ideal companion for a DSP module: the OEM takes charge of all network related tasks and provides direct MIDI and HD data to the sound generation/processing unit.
  • “HD ready” : fully compatible with the new MMA “HD” protocol by simple firmware upgrade